What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

Brazilian hair removal generally belongs to bikini hair removal. There are more hairs on the body, which may be caused by genetic factors. You can go to a regular medical institution to have a doctor perform bikini hair removal, which can remove the hair on the armpits and private parts, and make the skin more beautiful. Topical skin care Avoid bathing.

Is hair removal harmful to the body?

Hair removal generally does not do much harm to the body, but if it is not done properly, it will cause some damage to the body. Commonly used hair removal methods include blade hair removal, hair removal cream hair removal and brazilian laser hair removal. Hair removal with a razor blade can only temporarily remove hair on the surface of the skin and is harmless to the body. However, improper operation may scratch the skin; hair removal cream may cause skin allergy damage to some people; and laser hair removal may burn the skin and cause damage if it is improperly operated during the hair removal process.

What are the methods of hair removal?

Hair removal is mainly treated with laser equipment. By irradiating the hair follicle with light of a specific wavelength, the energy of the light is concentrated in the cells of the hair follicle, especially the hair follicle stem cells, and these cells are destroyed. Then let the hair stop growing. Before the hair removal treatment, the hair should be shaved clean, just like shaving a beard, leaving only a little root of the hair, in order to prevent the laser from being absorbed by the external hair, so that these lasers cannot reach deep Hair follicle stem cells inside the skin, or other subcutaneous hair follicle-related cells, can only achieve a better effect in this way.

To sum up, hair removal may cause skin infections and may lead to scarring. Laser hair removal uses the principle of light and heat to penetrate the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair is destroyed and the hair is no longer normal. Surgery can cause trauma to the skin, so it can cause swelling or pain, and poor hygiene can lead to infection and even scarring.

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